mjk Development & Construction

We, at MJK are proud of the many steps we have taken in this field to support our job and to assure customer’s satisfaction including :

•Building & sport consultant facilities.
•Worldwide importer, exporter, and installer of all surface products.
•Exclusive agent for DecoTurf. DecoTurf is a division of California Products Corporation; California Products is the largest supplier of acrylic sport surfacing system in the world.
•Exclusive agent for Greenfields: Greenfields is based in the Netherlands . It has extensive experience in the manufacturing, construction, installation, and development of innovative synthetic turf systems, in combination with the world’s leading sports bodies. We are , therefore , able to share our experience and provide support during the development of sports projects.
•Complete solutions for indoor and outdoor facilities
•Court  equipment and accessories.
•Complete playground designs, kid's sports and modular systems.


Artificial Turf